Platinum Service


 “If you become my client, your fitness becomes my responsibility!”



  • -My Action Pack (Shopping list, Food Plan, PT Recipes, Lifestyle Training & Nutrition Tips),
  • Full Health Assessment (Lean Body Mass, Body Fat %, BMR, BMI, Waist to Hip Ratio),
  • Personal Nutrition guidance with your own personal preferences from your food logs so it’s designed for you only and not general use.
  • Supplementation advice, discount and delivery,
  • Kitchen intervention, Assistant shopper in food or supplements,
  • Fitness Educating (with my motivational methods I use personally on how to make it a lifestyle with my tools of the trade from heart rate monitors, running GPS systems, online nutritional logs, jump ropes, timers and much more that I use personally to keep myself progressing after 10 years in the business and competing Internationally).
  • Training-Personalised Program Design, (HIIT-Fat Burning while toning, PHA System, Strength, Cardiovascular, Martial Arts & Combat, Functional, Core , Balance and Flexibility)


This personalized guide improves not only your health and fitness but will also give you greater confidence in your everyday life!


10 x 60min Training Sessions-To be taken within 3 months (excluding travel abroad on both parties), I do have clients who do 3 sessions a week as they want the constant motivation, if you have the motivation and form to train alone on my programs in-between you can do 1 a week so my guidance will last longer.






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