Fitness Start-Up



  • My Action Pack (Shopping list, Food Plan, PT Recipes, Lifestyle Training & Nutrition Tips),
  • Full Health Assessment (Lean Body Mass, Body Fat %, BMR, BMI, Waist to Hip Ratio),
  • Personal Nutrition guidance with your own personal preferences from your food logs so it’s designed for you only and not general use.
  • Supplementation advice, discount and delivery,
  • Kitchen intervention, Assistant shopper in food or supplements,
  • Fitness Educating (with my motivational methods I use personally on how to make it a lifestyle with my tools of the trade from heart rate monitors, running GPS systems, online nutritional logs, jump ropes, timers and much more that I use personally to keep myself progressing after 10 years in the business and competing Internationally).
  • Training-Personalised Program Design, (HIIT-Fat Burning while toning, PHA System, Strength, Cardiovascular, Martial Arts & Combat, Functional, Core , Balance and Flexibility)


Fitness Start Up

This is my economic solution, I understand personal training is not the right way for everyone.
Some people don’t need the constant motivation or guidance and it can also a luxury that not all of us can afford.
Therefore I have came up with a way to share my knowledge of making Health and Fitness into a lifestyle that will give you the tools to go on and make changes yourself, they include-

  • 3 x 60min training sessions with me that can be done at your convenience (from 3 in 1 week or 1 a week for 3 weeks depending on our goal/time plan). Your left with a 4-8 week Progressive program designed with your goals in mind for you to train yourself for the next phase.




GYMS-I personally travel to your home, condo, gym or for your convenience or I have rentals at many boutique gyms all over Singapore and will even locate the nearest gym arrange payment out of your package price when you train with me for up to 30 days (so no extra costs!).

HOME-If your looking to enhance your fitness routine in your condo-gym and are wondering how to best utilize it. Personal training at home for a total body workout including all the same fundamentals of fitness you would receive at a studio with the convenience of you not traveling.








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