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The Secret to my Booty gainz…It’s in the Post-workout Food!


So as many of you might have read before a not so funny ex-boyfriend used to wind me up by calling me Plasma (As I used to moan I had a Asian flat but also wide butt) and even thou I’ve been training for ahem….decades it was still rather pancake flat ;( even at my 1st Bikini Competitions the bum was not very booty!

Then around 4years ago I started to count macros or IIFYM as also known, to repair the rebound from a Keto diet (more details on this in other posts) and slowly not just upping my carbs but also timing them around lifting times with my Post Protein shake and keeping fats low at this time. All in the theory of replacing glycogen stores to the muscle aiding in building and recovery. So in short this is the perfect time for not just Protein but also a SUGAR hit! Shocking but TRUE!

Well over time my strength has increased ten fold and lifting more than most guys in my local gym (Sorry dude x) an my butt is Kicking ASS lol! Growing over the last year with a life of it’s own! (I’m assuming the deadlifts of 135 kilos and Hip thrusts of 140kilos are contributing 😉

Without fail Post-Workout I have a Chocolate Protein Ice Cream (just like a shake but blend with more ice to make it thick-Cellucor protein makes the creamiest ice-cream) 1/2 serving of a low fat cereal so Chocolate cheerios mixed in or even 1/2 a Pop-tart and then my absolute fave my super low fat Booty BROWNIE even comes with a Chocolate Protein frosting (anyone else noticing the chocolate weakness I have! lol)


So here is the super simple recipe with 3 ingredients for my

Booty Building Brownies 

1; 1/2 scoop Cellucor Protein Powder mix with little splash of water to make a paste then chill in fridge to make it a frosting while making Brownie mix

2; 1 Packet of low fat Brownie mix (I’ve been told theres a non fat version in Trader Joe’s in US-I wish Singapore had a Trader Joe’s!) I look for 2gr or less per serving.

3; A can of diet soda or even just water!

Ignore the brownie mix instructions to use butter, eggs, milk, the box above I bought while in Manila advised a cup of vegetable oil-Yikes! Mix the 2 together wait until soda is a bit flat then blend, pour into silicone cupcake tray, bake as instructed. Let them cool and then finish with Protein Frosting x



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