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Bride ready in less than 3 months! (and I was away traveling for 1/2 of it!)

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Hello everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to give special shout out to Mayling who have been training me since November ’13. When we first met, my goal was clear – to shape and tone my body in a healthy and sustainable manner in time for the big day.
I had previously trained with another instructor but got nowhere as he put me on a meal replacement program and made me work out for hours on end while he supervised me from the side.
Weeks of that and little result. As you can imagine, that relationship didn’t last very long.
I was surprised to know I didn’t have to eat only nuts and protein shakes with Mayling or do mindless exercise routines because “it works”.
She was tough and challenged me to engage muscles I didn’t know existed which made a big difference. What I truly love about her is that she takes a lot of pride in what she does as a fitness professional and challenges me all the time to do more than what I thought possible.
I am healthier and stronger thanks to Mayling’s dedicated training and nutritional advice.

Thank you so much, Ms Ng for all those heart pumping time spent in the gym (and pop tart treats after!) xx

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Mayling’s Say; I’m so Proud of what Lina was able to achieve in so little time as I explained when she came to me in Novemeber I was already booked to go to Europe for training and to see family over the New Year holidays! But I said it WOULD be possible if I leave her with the knowledge (Personally designed Programs and food plan) and then she gave it her 100%!

Through a lot of emails and whatsapp messages she committed to her plan of action and when I returned she choose to train along side me for more intense workouts of Strength to build muscles to help burn more fat when we wasn’t in the gym, her body got tighter by each visit and she never once went hungry-she was amazed to realised you need to eat to build muscle to burn fat!

Disclaimer; By the way I only share a post workout Pop tart if we have trained heavy and hard enough and your Glycogen stores are low (and No-running on treadmill doesn’t count! lol)

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