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Karon Phuket for TravelFit


Karon Beach Sunset 60mins after landing on the Friday

So back in March I finished filming “Lady Bloodfight” in Hong Kong and in desperate need for some R&R!

My Younger brother Robert and his friend Alex and was in Asia and we decided with my fab friend Cynthia from HK to go on a  healthy quick trip, after searching Skynscanners we decided Karon,Phuket was perfect for the 2days Vacay 🙂



Flying in on the Friday afternoon we checked in at the Sugar Marine-Art which was 100m from the beach and in our swimwear within an hour from landing-PERFECT X we even rented 2 mopeds from the reception and rode across the island the next day.

After the Sunset we stopped at the massage parlour downstairs from the hotel which was EPIC I’ve done countless massages and make it a daily ritual when I’m traveling and training hard for DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and recovery-it was so good we went for another hour after food before bed!

 Coming out of the hotel turn right we where on the beach turn left and we where at Wanna seafood – easily the best food in terms of taste and health and the price is shockingly low (that we made sure to tip very well each time to the friendly family run Restaurant).

Really no exaggerating we ate there 4 x out of the 2 days! The steamed fish was Divine and less then 10SGD! 😉 I ate 1 to myself the Saturday and the Sunday lol #gettinginmyproteinanywayican there was a Trip-Advisor no1 rated restaurant few doors down and we queued up the 30mins the Saturday evening and it was….nothing ….special- Yes tasty but everything was fried an greasy as I say to my clients…cardboard would probably be tasty fried with lashings of salt on! Lol x I felt so bad and heavy after that meal  I was more gutted we missed out on another fresh mouth exploding tasty meal at the local traditional Wanna!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.54.55

I trained at Karon Gym the Saturday but opted for a outdoor circuit on the Sunday at he hotel play area.

Unfortunately the hotel Gym was lame – Big time! As more often than not a fitness centre in a hotel is usually a broken Bike and a treadmill with no electrical out put, so I googled the only Body Building gym and waking up early to hit it before breakfast we walked luckily around the corner from the hotel “Karon Gym” but on the internet it’s advertised opening at 9am we run to find it had been changed with a sticker to 10am (So now you know!)

1, FREE WEIGHTS – Complete Double sets of dumbbells, 1 Rack Squats, 1 Chest press Benches.

2, RESISTANCE MACHINES – Not branded machines and the cables where not the smoothest.

3, CARDIO – A few dated Cardio Machines-Treadmills, X trainers, Bikes.

4, SERVICE –We went and took a look when we landed on the way to the beach and my brother asked the owner a question who had a girl sitting on his lap and was told he wasn’t working – So are questions were unanswered?

5, CLEANLINESS -Acceptable.


7, PRICE – For the price the equipment and space on offer was cramped and dated, if it was a fully fitted air-con gym with full facilities the price would be suited but it wasn’t ;(

8, OPENING TIMES – From 10am to ?


5 Dishes TOM YUM GOONG, PAPAYA SALAD, CHICKEN GREEN CURRY,PAD THAI NOODLES, BANANA COCONUT MILK DESSERT. If you have a special request call the day before to ask so she has time to prepare the shopping list.

Pats Cooking Class

+66 (0) 81 538 8276  www.cookinginphuket.com

On our last day of the Sunday morning I dragged my little brother Robert along to this early class as I’ve never been to a class over the 20+ yrs I’ve been in to Thailand and even more funny, Robert who along with his 8 restaurants he owns including a Thai in the island of Tenerife has never attended a class either-Genius!

Featuring in many international magazines, newspapers and even TV shows professional chef Pat has taught her traditional Thai cooking classes in her own home since 1996.  Fluent in English from working in Los Angeles the intimate classes range from 2 to no more than 8 for a intimate homely feel to the class.

(NOTE/TIP: Insist on a pen to write over the recipe sheets, there is unfortunately many quantity errors in the list of ingredients from what she teaches to what is printed!)

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