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Welcome Back to my life Rice (From a Ex-Carb Fearing Asian…mix)

IF (Intermit Fasting) Carb Back loading (CBLD), Keto Diet!…..I’ve tried it all!

After my last competition instead of slowly bringing my calories back up I immediately stopped my diet meal plans and relaxed overnight – too much too quick and my fat cells swallowed every calorie of extra fat and carbs that I had restricted for months before. And so 1 month I had put on all the weight (and more!) that took 3 months to lose. So the extreme dieting phase began!

I could still fit in my clothes but nothing looked good and I felt heavier and slower, the well balanced meal plans of Protein, carbs & fats disappeared as I scrambled for a quick fix so 1st thing to go was Carbs! ;(
Getting my only starch carbs from 40gr of oats then rest of the day it was from fibrous veggies only-these were sad times…. Now being Chinese mix rice is in my blood (maybe some noodles too lol) and I cut both 100%.

After not really seeing results I then tried the Keto (High Protein/High Fat/No Carb) Diet for a month. Great if you love high fat foods like nuts, Peanut butter and avocados but my body just looked flat my muscles where soft and constant heart burn was too much.
CBLD lasted less than a week…I just couldn’t relax and eat utter junk food at bedtime trusting this was going to give me gains in the gym and not the muffin top! Now reading and researching more the CBLD is best suited for Body builders and very heavy lifters for a me 1-female 2-bikini/figure competitor only (not even a Physique or Body builder) like myself I’m glad I didn’t do more than a few days as I don’t lift nearly as heavy to make it work for me.

IF was surprisingly easy to do! As long as you don’t break the fast and eat breakfast and your blood sugars don’t to dip, take the BCAAs you shouldn’t get hungry and so I didn’t think about food prepping or carrying tupperware as you don’t eat! Not until I came home late in the evening and ate all my Kcals, Macros in 1 or 2 meals and even thou I’m a foodie this fasting lasted for well over 2 months and probably the easiest diet to do when on the go and traveling but my body didn’t look tight even thou I did lose weight but I’m not betting that it was only fat I lost as my muscles were smaller and so I looked more unfit even heavier so I’m sure I did some muscle catabolic damage in this time.

But I think I’ve found my answer to my diet freedom and slowly undoing the damage of my post comp rebound by reverse dieting using the IIFYM method (If it fit’s your Macros) which is simply you work out what macros you need or start at your basic BMR and then eat whatever fit’s in your daily macros. I’m slowly upping carbs weekly and even dropping weight while getting smaller finely in the waist measurments, lifting heavier than ever and the best bit I’m finally free to indulge in dining socially just by tracking my macros.

A few guidelines are to base your carbs around your training and fats later on, so with this target while I’m in Tenerife (I’ve been blessed to be flown from Asia to my homegorund to train clients at the Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque and even lucky enough to stay there as a guest) my brothers have the Venture Restaurants here so after training I’ve been heading straight to Tai Pan and getting a serving of Rice and a low fat meat dish as my Post workout meal and enjoying every grain without any guilt.

White rice is high in carbs/sugars which would of scared me 2 years ago but this is the perfect high GI Carb I need to recover my muscles after training so I’m not only repairing the damage of tiny muscle fibers I ripped in training helping the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Muscle Soreness) the next 48hrs after so I can carry on training getting stronger fitter each day not sorer and stiffer each day 😉

You could even say-Eat Rice/Build muscle/Burn Fat as Research has proven the MORE MUSCLE YOU HAVE THE MORE FAT YOU BURN-EVEN WHEN SLEEPING!

So If eating a simple bowl of white rice repairs muscles so I can lift harder the next day and this burns fat while sleeping …If I don’t see in the Gym I’ll see you in Tai Pan :0


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