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I won the Hercules Female Trophy! Inbody 720

2013 Singapore Expo-Lady Champion!

-Got to love that title lol 😉

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 15.16.07

The Hercules Female Trophy!

Walking around the Sports & Fitness Asia 2013 at the Singapore Expo I was asked to participate in the Inbody 720 Hercules Challenge by Smitech Asia

Once my results printed out the staff at the booth got really excited saying that my reading was so high at 90% I was the female winner (YEAY) and even beat all of the guys apart from 3 Lol, So returning the next day to receive my lovely Lady Champion Hercules Award x I’m was more pleased as even thou I’m training as hard as ever Nutritionally I’m reverse dieting and slowly upping my kcals, Generally taking timeout being more relaxed and enjoying social events while I can so I’m probably the heaviest I’ve been while trying to get used to the extra fluff and softness of my body-but thankfully still wearing the same size UK 10!

Inbody 720 was described to be the Gold Standard of Precision Body Composition,

‘Biospace Inbody 720 Body Composition Analyzer

Percent Body Fat, Visceral Fat Mass, Waist-Hip Ration, BMI, Circumference of limbs

Until recent days with conventional body composition analyzers, obesity has been defined with subjects? weight to the height representing body mass index. For the time being, the importance of muscle mass to the body weight has commenced as seen from the cases of athletes or none muscular obesity. InBody 720 defines outer appearance of human body; BMI, WHR and circumferences of limbs, as well as Visceral Fat Mass and muscle to body fat ratio which cause various chronic diseases. Experiments and all a round conclusion of obesity can be diagnosed by InBody 720 only.”



I asked Dr Layne Norton on his opinion of Composition Analyzers and he replied

“Well I am not a fan of BIA (bio electrical impedance).  I do think they are decent for the average person, if you have more muscle than average they become less accurate”
Christopher Koh (Managing Director of Smitech) response
“Thank you for your information. It is not true that Inbody 720 has error in muscle mass measurement for high BMI people.
 The new Gold Standard Software was introduced in 2010 for Inbody 720 to correct this matter.
All measured values are now 98.5% accurate regardless of high BMI value.”

In the Body building/Fitness industry the Bod pod or Dexa Scan are the competitors choice, but unfortunately both are expensive and also unavailable in Singapore (to my knowledge but if you know different please leave a comment).

I myself I admit was not a fan of relying on frequency analyzers Machines – never using them even thou lots of main gyms offer them as the assessment (I don’t use Skin calipers either as they are as accurate as the person using them! Preferring the mirror and tape measure) But Now my opinion for these machines is I could use the readings in addition to my assessments for new clients who don’t have a great deal of muscle mass, and for me personally when I compete I think the readings will be a great tool for assessing my personal progression, I will definitely take another test when I’m in competition shape to see if my score of 90% is beaten and update on here.

For my clients and Subscribers here can require the Inbody test,

Charge is S$20.00 per test at selected locations.

Please contact details below.
“Thank you for your kind participation of the Hercules Contest and Prize presentation.
Congratulations and Best Wishes for your Success.
Best regards


Christopher Koh
Managing Director


SMITECH (ASIA) PTE LTD 75 Bukit Timah Road #06-13 Boon Siew Building Singapore 229833. TEL: +65 63395277 FAX: +65 63390253 EMAIL: smitech@pacific.net.sgsales@smitechasia.com.sg WEB: www.smitechasia.com.sg

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F1 Hotel Manila Gym Review


32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,
(just behind St Luke’s Medical Center.)

F1 Hotel Gym Review

1, FREE WEIGHTS – Complete set of dumbbell Rack

2, MACHINES – 1 Multi Gym Life Fitness Machine with Chest Press/Pull down Station/basic Legs Extension and curl

3, CARDIO – 3 treadmill, 1 Elliptical, 2 Bikes all in great condition.

4, SERVICE -Fine.

5, CLEANLINESS -Spot on! Everything was wiped down and everything in it’s place every time I trained 😉

6, CHANGING ROOMS/SHOWERS – A Private Single Bathroom.

7, PRICE – Guests only.


Additional info;

Treadmills  max Speed 16.1kph (I know as I was doing HIIT and wanted to get to 17! ) and was quite unstable with the carpeted floors when sprinting!

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